Are instruments provided for BAY Winds members?

Only percussion instruments are provided. Percussionists must bring their own sticks and mallets. All other instruments are not provided.

How many ensembles are there within the BAY Winds program?

Currently there are two bands - BAY Winds (for local high school students) and Junior BAY Winds (for local middle school students). As the program develops, we hope to add chamber groups, brass and woodwind quintets, etc.

If I am accepted, do I have to audition again ever year?


When writing a check, who do we make the check payable to?

All checks should be made payable to "Bay Area Youth Winds" or "BAYW".

What is the concert attire for members?

Men will wear a black suit or tuxedo, a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie, a black cummerbund or vest, and black dress shoes. Ladies will wear a black dress or dress pants (no jeans), a black blouse, and black dress shoes.

Is concert attire provided?

No. All members will provide their own attire.

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