About Junior Bay Winds

JBAY is designed to supplement the fine instruction students receive from their high school and middle school music programs and private music instructors by providing them with musical experiences performing outstanding repertoire with their peers from all over the greater Tampa Bay area.

Students are required to be involved in their school's band program or to provide a note from their school's program explaining why their participation is not possible. Home schooled and privately schooled students are allowed to participate as well. Our policy is that students' school music events take priority over BAY Winds rehearsals.

JBAY is intended as a supplemental ensemble rather than a replacement for participating in middle school band programs. Once students have been accepted into an ensemble, we will check with directors to make sure that students in our band are in good standing at their home schools. We do recognize that situations exist in which, despite all efforts, scheduling issues prevent students from playing in their home band. In those situations students will be permitted to participate with JBAY as long as they provide a note from their band director stating that every reasonable effort had been made to address the scheduling issues.


  • Students must be in grades 6-8
  • All students must audition in person or submit a video to Mrs. Lundahl as indicated on the audition page
  • Students must be in good standing with their middle school band programs
  • Home-schooled students are eligible to audition
  • Students are expected to make every effort to attend all rehearsals and performances. School obligations - (MPA performances, Spring Trips, etc.) are excused absences


A fee of $150.00/semester fee will be assessed at the first rehearsal of each semester for participation in Junior BAY Winds. This fee includes all instruction, materials, and costs related to concert venues, equipment, and operational expenses. Note: This does not cover the cost of parking.

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Rehearsal Schedule

JBAY Schedule

First Semester Schedule- Rehearsals are 6:30-8:30pm

09/12/19 - First Rehearsal 

09/19/19- Rehearsal 

09/26/19 - Rehearsal 

10/03/19 - Rehearsal *First Semester Payments Due*

10/10/19 - Rehearsal

10/17/19 - Rehearsal

10/24/19 - Rehearsal 

10/31/19 - No Rehearsal (Halloween)

11/07/19 - Rehearsal

11/14/19 - Rehearsal

11/17/19 - Concert at 5pm

Second Semester Schedule- Rehearsals are 6:30-8:30pm

MONDAY 02/03/19 - Auditions

02/13/19 - First Rehearsal

02/20/20 - Rehearsal

02/27/20 - Rehearsal 

03/05/20 - Rehearsal 

03/12/20 - Rehearsal

03/19/20 - No Rehearsal (Spring Break)

03/26/20 - Rehearsal 

04/02/20 - Rehearsal

04/09/20 - Rehearsal

04/16/20 - Rehearsal

04/23/20 - Rehearsal

04/30/20 - Rehearsal

05/07/20 - Rehearsal

05/10/20 - Concert with BAY Winds at 4:30pm


JBAY Semester fee

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Upon acceptance into the ensemble, there is a $150.00/semester membership fee. Cash, check, money order, and credit card are all accepted. We can work with you if you need to be put on a payment plan. First semester fees are due October 3, 2019 and second semester fees are due February 23, 2020.